Let the truth triumph


The UPA government wants to make Pratibha Patil the President of India despite there being grave and unanswered charges against her. We, the citizens, demand answers and accountability.

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33 Responses to “Let the truth triumph”

  1. Jyothi K Says:

    What will be the credibility of a President who has unpaid dues?? Moreso, has it been declared that the would -be president has assets worth so many crores/lakhs ? what will be the status of the unpaid dues when and if Ms. Patil is made the President ??? Will it be waived by Ms. sonai gandhi??? or will it be paid by her itself, thereby utilizing ttax payers money for the benefit of the politicians only????

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  7. vijay ashar Says:

    Let A-PRATIBHA Patil first serve her jail term for her legal culpability and involvement in the murder of her district Congress canditate, and for many illegal financial transactions. After she comes out of jail, she can offer herself as a candidate for becoming President of the country. Right now, she is unworthy even for a dog-catcher’s position in her own locality.
    Let those who are responsible for proposing her candidacy for the President of India also be tried for the crimes of covering up her crimes and for insulting the country.

  8. Pratibha Patil is not my President Says:

    […] [image source] A few days ago, a bunch of bloggers (including me) joked about holding the Marathi fort by claiming Rajnikanth. However, I think someone in the Sena Bhavan must have taken us seriously when they similarly claimed Pratibha Patil, the UPA Presidential nominee as representative of the Marathi Manoos. Of course, she is a Patlachi Pori and represented Jalgaon in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly on behalf of the Congress. By that logic, Bal Thackeray should be supporting all Maharashtrians in the opposition and in fact must have nothing against his political opponents in local elections. Heck, if a Kalanagar resident stood for the equally ceremonial post of Sheriff of Mumbai, he would support that resident over any other contestant from say, Chinchpokli. […]

  9. The Bach Says:

    Let Satyameva jayate….

    For reasons follow the links in this post
    I will be very irritated if she does not answer this :
    She claims that she is talking to dead people. She claims to have been advised by her long-dead guru (Dada Lekhraj who founded Brahma Kumari sect) through…

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  11. EDDY SEQUIRA Says:

    Such person should be in Jail, Not in Rashtrapathibhavan. God save India.

  12. Adbhut Says:


    In Sanskrit there is a term, “Janata janardhana”

    The people are God. Citizens must save India.

  13. abhijiit, Says:

    Remember.. people deserve the government they get.

  14. The India Uncut Blog Says:

    Why Pratibha Patil should not be president

    I had mentioned my misgivings about Pratibha Patil in a post yesterday ("Wretched"), and today, while I was too busy in the morning to blog, as many as eight readers wrote in to point me to this bizarre news about the lady: Close on the heels…

  15. Sameer Wagle Says:

    The Congress should cut its losses, withdraw Pratibha Patil’s candidature and support a clean spotless individual for the post of President

  16. Prudent Indian Says:

    Thank you man,posting it on my blog here and one more blog on some very frequented place.
    Thanks and yes my NO to Pratibha whose pratibha (talent) is really excellent.

  17. Loknath Says:

    The b**** in question is sonia gandhi, the ringmaster of all, the fact that upa aka sonia is footing some crap lady who was never to be quoted anywhere before is a testament that there are some devilish intents of people behind the screens. going by sonias antecedents, there is no reason for any sensible man to belive this b****, of course the sad part is our beloved intelligent sardar is increasingly getting spineless and just rotes whatever sonia says. Pratibha Patil ka kya hai, 5 saal sar hi hilayegi. dumb asses and dumb nation.

  18. Jay Says:

    Jay to UPA.
    A number of criminals are sitting in the ruling portion of our government and a number of innocents are rotting in Tihar and other jails. It is time that the criminals and those abetting them go behind bars.. definitely not into Rashtrapati Bhavan.

    If this is future of India, I will quote Rajni “Anda Aandavane vandhalum, nammalla kapatra mudiyaadhu” — even god cannot save us..

  19. Hell no!! « Mithun’s Memoirs Says:

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    the selection of pratibha patil by upa chairperson sonia gandhi and left shows that sonia gandhi is slapping on the face of indian people and left is supporting that. sonia proved she has no love for the nation and she can do anything wrong to make her chair safe without any responsiblity. pm manmohan singh is the first prime minister after independence who has no morality and is a puupet of an italian woman who claims to be the rajmata of the country.
    its shame for us . we have to awake and fight for the country to save it from these wrong people. i remember the line of Bhartendu Harishchand” Desak durdasa dekh na jaii aabho sab mili robahu bhai” ( The condition of the country is not tolerablle so o’ my countryman come and do something for the great nation.”

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  22. She is NOT my President Says:

    I urge all to say no to her.
    Prudent Indian.

  23. Andy Says:


  24. Ajay Says:

    It would be a disgrace for the nation, if Pratibha Patil becomes the next President of India.

  25. amita motiwala Says:

    Just because she is Mahrashtrian,Shivsena supports her, without looking her merits and demerits,which is wrong

  26. amita motiwala Says:

    such a criminal should not bemade President in any circumstances

  27. Ananthoo Says:

    What a shame that there is not even enof hue n cry about this..and we are left with no option! sad story..come to think , she is going to replace Kalam!

  28. budwizest Says:

    this is whats happens when idiots get to run the country. I am amazed that people are even surprised!

  29. Shanti Devakaran Says:

    The most disgusting way to get a President-
    this year’s nomination tamasha

    The most illegitimate reason to have PPatil as President:
    she is a woman?!!! Sonia Gandhi holds her hand???!! Baba/Dada “came” on some Dadi’s shareer???!! Shiv Sena supports all Marathis irrespective of what they are doing or not-doing???!! Congress is on a suicidal mission??? We the people deserve this??

    And that is supposed to overlook all her non-achievements, her absolute useless existence besides occupying a couple of raj bhavans- where she didnt even change the upholstery, her ridiculous foot-in-mouth “heriditary disease”, and seriously defective logic & infantile grasp of the complex history of the nation she will most probably be Prez of!

    OMIGAWD..is this how we are going to select our presidents in the future?
    Some one shud come up with “Not MY President” badges.
    Thank you senorita sonia, la vita est bella for you i bet!

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  33. Reema Says:

    I am very skeptical of this woman, given the things that are spoken about her. At best she is of dubious credentials, and at worst she probably did play the alleged roles in bank scams and murders.

    I strongly wish that she does not become the president. She will make up for a sore replacement of Honorable President Kalam.

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